Qubit is a small team of independent experts working together to offer the best custom services to our clients. We specialize in software development, websites and web applications development, mobile applications development and computer networks implementation. Our main goal is to fully meet the unique requirements of our customers. Qubit aims at providing custom software to businesses that need it to add value to their products and/or processes. Qubit also provides consultancy in different sectors, such as networks, security, mobility, business intelligence, e-commerce and infrastructure management and support (local or remote). Unlike traditional companies, Qubit supports free software. We are constantly growing and always in the forefront. We are currently focussing on developing applications by using Adobe Flash Builder, Microsoft .NET, Oracle Java, HTML5, JQuery (Mobile), CSS3, MySQL, SQL Server and Android SDK, among others.

Why Qubit?

Qubit, or QUantum BIT, is a concept that comes from quantum computing and is similar to the classical bit (binary digit), that corresponds to the minimum unit of information currently used in IT. Our company uses the concept of Qubit to represent the idea of offering future-oriented solutions in the present time. This integrates with our intent of creating customised products that satisfy the customers’ needs with particular focus on quality, price and commitment.


Providing hardware and/or software solutions, constantly striving for real, tangible improvements based on IT. Using strict and visible development processes to obtain products that meet the customers’ needs and allow them to improve their projects and add value to their business.


Being an internationally recognised company in the sector of software development, that stands out in terms of quality of services, products and commitment to the customers, so to be able to satisfy the IT needs of small and medium-size businesses.