Custom Software

Custom Software Development

This is our primary business. We can develop highly customized software that does not exist on the market, or whose cost would exceed the planned budget. We use Adobe Flash Builder, Microsoft.NET and Oracle Java, among others.

We value the concept of ‘visibility’ and we implement it directly with the customers, so that they can always be on top of the development of their software and follow it step by step. In this way, the customers can participate and monitor the progress and identify any difference between what they requested and what is being developed. To do this, at Qubit we use our own system called Client’s Web.

For each project we focus on:
Visibility (thanks to our system, Client’s Web)
User-centered Design


User-centered Design


The user-centered design focuses on creating experiences that go beyond the normal products or services. The user is the center of attention throughout the development process.

We focus on the user from the beginning of the development process, collecting data in a structured, systematic, objective way. Our experience in software development tells us that the efforts put into user-centered design always pay off.

When we develop any commissioned software, we pay attention to the following criteria:
Interaction between user and system
Intuitive user interface
Short response time
The system is easy to understand for the user


With usability we can develop software and websites with a clear and efficient functionality that avoid confusing aspects and improve user experience. Through usability tests we can examine the results and ensure that the product meets user expectations.